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NICC Limited is the authorised European distributor of the following products:-

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POW-R Wrap
A universal repair system for pipes, tubes and semi flexible hoses. PowerWrap is a fibreglass repair tape infused with a specially formulated bonding resin and is activated simply by water. PowerWrap is a complete kit - no mixing needed - designed to repair water lines, sewer lines, fluid lines, pipe lines and anything else that contains fluid, compressed air etc.

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POW-R Patch
Puts simplicity back into repairs with a no mess, no measuring, no waiting ready for use kit. Each simple to use kit will set on wet surfaces and will adhere to PVC, metal, wood, fibreglass, plastic etc. and can be used on a broad spectrum of surfaces. POW-R Patch is perfect for fast repairs in farming, industry, transportation, marine, plumbing and irrigation as well as around the home.

Common uses of the POW-R Patch kit in the field are repair of overseas containers, chemical and fertilizer tanks, semi-trailers and roof repair, drum, pans and many other flat surfaces or open channelled containers.

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Freeze Fix
Fix burst pipes quickly with a Freeze Fix burst pipe repair kit.
freeze fix

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Steel reinforced epoxy putty
Stic-o-steel is fast with a setup time of 4-5 minutes, it becomes steel hard in 15 minutes and is completely cured within one hour. Ready to be drilled, sanded, tapped, primed and painted.

Stic-o-steel is strong enough to last a lifetime. When cured, it has the tensile strength of 6,000 pounds per square inch which means a repair made with a one inch piece of Stic-o-steel could life the weight of 3 automobiles.

Stic-o-steel is hard. When cured it is a very hard material. As a result of a proprietary blend of materials which includes steel reinforcement as well as the highest grades of epoxy, it has a technical rating when cured of a D-87 hardness. In the shore rating system "D" is the highest rating of that system.

Stic-o-steel is impenetrable. It is impervious to chemical s such as cleaning fluids, gasoline, diesel fuel, antifreeze, solvents, oils and acids such as battery acids. It can withstand temperatures as high as 550 degrees Fahrenheit (288 degrees Celsius) or as low as 91 degrees Fahrenheit (-68 degrees Celsius). It has a 3 year minimum shelf life and is certified by NSF for repairs of all drinking water pipes , tanks and systems.

Stic-o-steel even works under water or in fluids and in all atmospheric conditions. Repairs can be made inside a container, tank etc. with the liquids still in them...No need to empty them first.

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The above products are used within the oil & gas industries.