Corrosion Coating Engineers

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Committed to the Protection of the Environment

NICC Limited, commited to the environmentWe, at NICC Ltd, are committed to the protection of the environment throughout all aspects of our business.

The general nature of our product line, anti-corrosion equipment, provides a focus for our staff to consider the implications of our performance in carrying out our day to day activities.

Along with quality, health and safety, environmental issues are at the top of our list of priorities and cover the design and the performance of our products.

Our objective is to maintain and improve our environmental performance and encourage the same in all with whom we carry out our business.


We at NICC Ltd, are committed to continuing our position as manufacturers and suppliers of the most efficient, long-lasting and environmentally sensitive anti-corrosion equipment in the oil and gas and marine industries, while maintaining at all times that customer service and profitability are not mutually exclusive.

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